Monday, June 26, 2017

Spring Baseball 2017 Steven

Steven Joseph had a great baseball season too! He was on the Red Sox team, one of the four "premier" teams in his age group. So the kids were all great players and they had some great coaches too. His usual position was catcher, but he also played first and various other positions. He is by far the most passionate player out there; he LOVES baseball!

At the end of the regular season, Steven had the honor of being chosen for one of the All Star teams. His team was made up of two different teams, and we had knew a few of the families from boys on the other team which made it fun joining these two teams together. They get an extra two weeks to practice and play games against other leagues in the area. We had to drive to a nearby suburb for the games, but he had a great time and did a great job, usually playing first base. I think they got 3rd in their division. Go "Red Stros!"

We're so proud of your dedication and passion for the game of baseball, Steven. Your enthusiasm encourages your fellow teammates and coaches, and we look forward to more fun seasons of baseball in the future!

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