Sunday, November 20, 2016

My Sunday Best

I'm still here with baby still safely inside! Being that Thomas was born exactly at 37wks and Katie Grace at 37wks + a few days, and with the concerns about his cord, I figured I'd have a baby by now. But he has looked good on the scans and other tests, so they aren't comfortable delivering earlier than need be, and the hospital won't let us schedule before 39wks. So unless there's another complication or I go into labor, we keep waiting...maybe even until December 2nd!

Today I went to mass and lunch nearby with my parents while the rest of the family went to our church across town for mass and a big potluck meal.  I even got a little nap in the quiet house before the crew got back home!  I wore one of the few non-tee shirts that still fit me, with a black maxi skirt and my comfy black Sketchers flats. This belly is really getting big and it's getting harder and harder to move around!

A few other updates...
On Friday we made it out to our homeschool clubs, which was good for me and so nice to visit with friends after a couple weeks of hardly leaving the house. I'm able to do a little more around here and get out of the house too, since we aren't so worried about preterm labor. Here's Katie with the little sisters playing dress-up while the older kids did their virtue lessons, sewing, and sports outside.

Mama and belly in my favorite shirt this pregnancy :)

And another of Katie reading a little book last weekend after Sunday mass...

During my weekly non-stress test at the hospital on Thursday

And the boys at some of their last baseball games. The season is FINALLY over after Steven's play-off game last Monday and Thomas' team party on Wednesday. It was a good season, but I'm glad it's over!

And now we are ready for a restful week week off of school and ballet, and we're ready to meet our little man! We may even host Thanksgiving here on Friday. I was hoping to be recovering back at home with the baby, but I could still be pregnant on Thanksgiving! Hope it's a blessed week for all of you <3 p="">

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Rosie said...

Oh I love that floral shirt! I hope baby arrives soon - maybe we'll both get to welcome our new little ones by Thanksgiving :)

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