Wednesday, July 20, 2016

7 Quick Takes Friday--I've been MIA

(Posting this a few days late since I just got the computer fixed and can finally post photos!)

Looks like it's been about three weeks since I've blogged here! I will hopefully get back to updates about our Florida trip soon, that is once I can use my laptop again. It got stepped on and has a cracked screen! Not only is this challenging with blogging and our summer screen addictions (I'm binge watching Gilmore Girls), but it also makes it hard to do all the things that are more urgent on my to-do list like...paying bills, registering for online classes, searching for an exterminator (ANTS!), and planning an anniversary getaway. But we have been doing a few things besides laying around and watching Netflix! Let's see if iPhone blogging will work...(it didn't)

1. I'm still growing a baby! Little one is 19wks today and my pregnancy app says that means about 6 inches, 8.5 ounces, and the size of an heirloom tomato! We are anxious for the big ultrasound in about 10 days and the kids are really wanting to have some kind of gender reveal celebration. Katie Grace loves to talk about the baby and kiss my belly, and if we accidentally say something about her being the baby she replies, "My no baby. My a big girl!" She's convinced it's a baby sister. We will see!

kissing my belly

2. We went up to Aggieland in June for the last Sunday mass of now-Bishop David Konderla! We got to see a lot of old friends from our days at A&M. We were sad to miss his ordination mass as Bishop of Tulsa, Oklahoma (we weren't quite up for another out of state road trip), but at least we could watch it live streaming on the internet and take some screen shots! What a gift to the Church that he and Bishop Mike Sis are...and how cool that they were our two priests in college!

running out steam before mass

with the now-Bishop!

took this screenshot while watching the ordination,
our two college pastors

3. We had a fun Independence Day weekend with an afternoon at the beach house to celebrate some family birthdays and then the local parade and a swim party with friends on the 4th. There's a lot of tragedy going on in the world and in our country. We have lots to pray for!

4. There has been a lot of swimming going on this summer! Our city pool is just a few blocks away, and now it's right between our house and my parents' house. We often see our neighborhood friends there and it's a nice evening activity to get us out of the house and tire everyone out before dinner and bedtime! We finished swim team in late June and are proud of Steven who qualified for the All Star invitational meet in breast stroke. Both boys worked very hard this season!

5. Last weekend was my 20yr high school reunion. One of my friends hosted a ladies brunch at her parents' house on Saturday morning, and then the actual reunion was that evening. It was nice to catch up with so many old friends at the brunch, and see classmates I hadn't seen in 20yrs at the reunion. It was a bit hard to catch up that evening because the DJ was playing very loud music and we all had to yell! But we had some great fajitas and it was fun to see all those familiar faces. I was quite the interesting person for many of them, being pregnant with my 6th baby made me get lots of wide eyes!

6. We are planning our first trip away since having kids! It will be our 15th anniversary, and we're blessed to live close enough to family members who are willing to come stay and watch the kids. It's rare for me to not have a nursing baby or toddler, so we just haven't had time for trips alone or even many dates. I know I will miss my little Katie Grace so much; she's still very attached to mommy. But it will be a good time to focus on each other and give the kids some fun time with their aunts!

7. I can't believe we're halfway through July. I need to register for our MODG online classes, and start sorting through books to order what we need for the new school year. I still need to mail last year's work and report cards! The girls are getting ready for VBS at our church at the end of the month, and then August will be here. I'll be taking a mom's weekend away and hopefully we will have a weekend getaway for all of us before we start back to school.

And now, 5 days later I'll finally post this before more time gets away from me!

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