Thursday, October 01, 2015

Moving days...

Where do I begin? Life has been a whirlwind the past few weeks, but I finally feel like we're settling into our new home. We had a lot of emotional days leading up to the closing of our house, but now we are here, it's a joy, and we are so very grateful to God for this gift of a new home!

I have so many more words, but there is just never enough time to sit and share here. Now I have a laptop to use, so hopefully once we figure out how to transfer photos to that computer, I'll be all set for blogging! For now there is so much to do...decorate a new house!!! Oh, and continue to move things out of the old house, clean it up, plan more renovations, and then pack and move my parents!  And that pesky little thing I'm responsible for...schooling all of my children!

Here are some iPhone moments of the past few weeks until I can share more...

Top row: babies schooling, little ones reading amidst the boxes, museum baby friends, little siblings during museum classes, and dinosaur buddies!
2nd row: a little moment at Barnes & Noble, MC and our sweet neighbor friend, Katie owning the world, Daddy walking the littles into mass, and kiddos at the zoo
3rd row: Daddy and Tommy in the reptile room, Tommy by his favorite animal--Komodo dragon, his new microscope in the closet "science lab" his sisters made him, SJ playing with water balloons one morning in the driveway (in 24mos swim trunks, the day before his heart surgery anniversary), and our first 4-H meeting with games outside
4th row: My little getaway for a mom's night, Katie enjoying the new house, kids on moving day, friends at the moving in pizza party, my mom hanging with us in the new house, Ellie with a new used furniture find, Katie at Old Town Spring after Sunday mass, Tommy reading his new favorite reptile book, Ellie my shopping buddy, and our new front door!

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