Thursday, July 09, 2015

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I thought this would be a good time to share some of the photos on my good camera from the past month...

Here are a few at our friends' home on the lake; it was our first time to swim in their new pool!

And here are some from the farm, we went there several times to visit with friends and for Steven to do some beekeeping and a honey harvest!

My cute beekeeping hubby!

MC took this one of a robin's nest in our front yard!!!

We were so happy to see my brother's family last week! They came from California and thankfully made it into town just before my dad had a medical emergency and ended up in the hospital. I know their precious girls and the fun they were having with my kids helped my parents to make it through such a difficult week. (first few photos by MC)

cousin fun!!!

It's funny that I have no recollection of taking this photo, but it's a pretty cool silhouette! Also fun that now being back in our town we took advantage of all the festivities...We went to the symphony on the 3rd, and the parade and fireworks on the 4th! We were wiped out after such a fun and full weekend!

Katie kept running away down the hill and Steven would catch her!

It was really, really hot at the parade!
Katie was quite adorable though.

A very fun summer has been had so far with more adventures to come!

But as we celebrate we are also mindful of all those who need our prayers right now. For my dad's health after his hospitalization last week, for my friend Beverly who suffers from cancer, for a friend who has lost her unborn baby, for our nation, for our leaders, and for upcoming family decisions. Lord, hear us.

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Pretty daughters!

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