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Spring has sprung here in Texas, and we've been enjoying some outdoor adventures! 

A few Sundays ago we attended our old parish downtown for their 145th anniversary mass with the Cardinal. It was a beautiful mass and nice to visit this church again.

Afterwards we had brunch on the Waterway with some friends and had a little impromptu photo shoot. It was one of our first nice sunshiny days.


A gorgeous day at the park last week!

{funny} and {real}

It has been a crazy week so far, starting with the 4:30am bedtime for me after the Easter Vigil. We've had some kind of cough/allergy/virus, keeping adults and kids up at all hours of the night and are 1/3 of the way through our SIX baseball games of the week! I just got an email that swim team dry land practice starts on Monday for Steven Joseph, at the same time as his baseball and the girls' ballet class.  I am ready for a slow summer schedule! 

Some funny and real moments of the past few days...

When we finally started the front yard egg hunt on Sunday, Leo escaped down the street! Naughty doggy!

We also had a little scare when the kids left this in the backyard and the dog had some GI issues but was thankfully okay. No chocolate for doggies!

Tommy's first of three games this week

He finally earned the game ball this week!
Big brother was very proud. 

Someone fell asleep on the way to big brother's game last night.
He doesn't really fit in this stroller! 

Our house is pretty much falling apart, but hopefully we're getting closer to the possibility of renovating or moving. Just one example of the crazy things that happen in this house...

 Woke up this morning to this happy baby who was putting my necklace on and babbling away!

I've had to use couches to barricade the doorways so I'm not chasing down the baby all day long. The rest of us are having an interesting time getting around the house!

Happy Easter Week, friends!

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