Wednesday, January 14, 2015

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Dreaming of More Sunny Days...

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We had one beautiful day last week where I took the kids to the library and let them run around at the "park" next  to it. I put park in quotes because it's not the typical park with a playground, but a big green space, a maze of shrubs, and a waterway, with lots of pretty trees and places to play. It only took a few minutes for the little ones to warm up to the idea of not being at a park with a swing set! I wish we could've stayed all day!


After so many rainy and cold days indoors, these boys were happy to play outside!

This wooden statue/airplane thing was interesting! If only we would've gotten Katie out of the stroller. We'll have to go back again for a kid picture!

Tommy is so affectionate, but Katie isn't thrilled about it!

Also funny is my stroller which always has interesting kid things on it, like wet sneakers and an extra Vera Bradley purse :)

There will always be a Thomas meltdown at some point during our activities outside the house! I'm not sure what he was pouting about here; I think he wanted to ride the ferry which wasn't working those hours of the day!

Always have to bring along the school books.

And a real cute shot of some sweet sisters...

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