Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How I'm surviving a pregnant August in Texas

First of all, we started homeschooling in June so that we'd be in a nice routine come Baby's arrival. Seems to be working, at least on days like today, after "Maria's Magic" happened yesterday and my house is clean for a few hours :)

Please excuse the non-clothed potty-trainee. Score this morning...potty chair=2 peepees, carpet=1 peepee and 1 poopoo. After the poopoo, Mommy gave up for the day and went back to diapers.

And the rest of these have to do with food, hence my excessive weight gain this pregnancy...

I'm surviving with a big 7yr old helper who now knows how to make pancakes and spaghetti! Tonight they also baked cookies (with a cookie mix and a bit of help).

I'm surviving on fruit. These 2 pounds of strawberries were bought at 10pm last night and gone by 11am this morning!

We've been going through 10-lb boxes of clementines every few days.

Mystic Pizzas have been a favorite this summer. We especially love the mini-ones.

I'm surviving this month-long cough on Luden's cough drops, which I'm convinced have pretty much zero medicinal value, but sure taste good! If you've ever tried them, they taste identical to cherry lifesavers. I'm actually distantly related to the Luden family, way back on my dad's side.

I've got some serious sugar cravings this pregnancy. These are some of my all-time favorite candies, Assorted Sours! They are chewy with a gumdrop inside. Yum.

I'm surviving on my nightly cup of ice cream. Cookies and Cream is the mom and kid favorite this summer. (Daddy is all about Rocky Road!)

And if you must know, when we're low on the above sweets, some pretzel sticks dipped in frosting will just have to do! Oh, what a healthy August...eesh! I guess I'll start a diet after Baby arrives and I can actually exercise again.

I'm also surviving on an afternoon nap with my toddler, almost daily. And a working air-conditioner, thanks be to God!

I will be glad when August is over! Summer is usually my favorite season, but I think I'll be happy for Fall to arrive this year!


Lael said...

I think you've got some great survival tips here. I think I'm *dying* of heat here, but I'm only 5 1/2 months along and Lubbock is no where near as humid as where you are. Hang in there!!

Kimberly said...

Hang in their Mommy. I had 2 summer babies, and I know I did all the things you're doing, and then some!

Jill said...

Thinking of you often, Blair. I'm guessing your baby is a girl with all of your sugar cravings. :)
(Don't they say sweet cravings with girl, salty with boy?)

Hope your potty trainee continues to do well. Cute picture of your three cute students around the table!

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