Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Silent Night

Mary Clare danced to "Silent Night" at her 2nd dance recital this weekend. It was so sweet! My parents came up to watch, but Steven had to work :( And near the end of the dance I realized I hadn't pressed record on the camera, so I only recorded the last 10 seconds of her dance :( I was pretty upset. But I'm sure there will be many dance recitals to come!

We are so thankful to have found her sweet little teacher, a homeschooled high schooler who taught the little girls at her house free of charge. It has given me the motivation to try to plan to teach Mary Clare and her little friends when we move back home. I took many years of dance, so I know I could do it and it would be fun for me and for the girls! I'm still hoping to take an adult class somewhere though. I really miss dancing!

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