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Week in My Life Finale: Dentist, Baby Shower, and Doggy Update

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Well, we left off on Tuesday night with a bowl of ice cream.  I sure needed that for the next few days!    I'll hit the highlights of the rest of the week, since I was too tired to blog the past few nights! (Please excuse the horrible quality photos on this post. One of my goals next week is to get out my good camera more!)

We woke up Tuesday morning to get Steven Joseph ready for his dental appointment.  I am SO grateful that Steven was able to help for a bit that morning, so they left just after 7am, and I followed with the rest of the crew around 7:45.  I was getting text message play-by-plays from Steven.  Poor SJ kind of freaked out in the beginning. We really didn't want to have to do the sedation drink (the appointment would be much longer, involved, and expensive), so we all powered through and he made it with just the laughing gas. I took over being in there with him halfway through, and I was SO glad I'd gotten him that reward, because he deserved it! He felt good enough for a library visit and then we stopped at Jamba Juice for some smoothies.

NeNe and PaPa came later that morning with some other little gifts for the patient, and they helped by mowing the lawn and folding clothes.  SO grateful for that!  

A little scene of everyone in the living room...

This little angel was pretty cute that day...

Other highlights of the week...

Katie prefers big people food.  Here she is with a puff pancake (Dutch baby).

This kid.  This was actually on Monday before the freezing weather started! 

I think this was Thursday night's kitchen situation, which I ended up leaving there for the next morning!

Typical Thomas. Eating a frozen yogurt tube and pouting about something.  I think he was begging me to help him get dressed, but I was cooking breakfast! The day before, he was barely dressed when his friend came to play at 2pm, so I think he realized he'd better start getting out of his PJs a little earlier!

Friday night was the group baby shower for my homeschooling group. This year we honored 13 moms, some with small babies and some whose babies are yet to arrive.  I like choosing special gifts for the moms; one year I even made diaper wreaths for each of them! Recently I've been giving small board books, but this year there were so many moms that it would have been a bit cost-prohibitive.  I had resigned myself to giving baby wipe packages this year, until Mary Clare became determined to find something on Pinterest!  I was glad to do something more creative than wipes :)

So on Friday, I took all five kids to Burlington Coat Factory, Kohl's, and Walmart.  I just wanted to be humbled, right? Actually I needed to get some things for the shower gifts, food to bring to the shower, and we have also been looking for some clothing items for certain kids like coats and boots.  They mostly behaved pretty well. I fed them Chick-fil-A first.

After about two hours of shopping, I just let them play on the diaper shelves. All four of the big kids were playing house back there behind the boxes and were having a blast.  Finally an employee walked by and I realized we'd better go before we got in trouble!

Katie enjoyed hanging out in the main part of the shopping cart!

A little "what I wore" of me and the baby. This has been a week for boots, and I found Katie this sweet birdy/flowery leggings outfit at Ross on Tuesday night.  I mostly have to wear the teething necklace, because she wants to bite any necklace. Once during Mass she actually broke one and nearly choked on the tiny beads, so I try to stick with this one!  The shirt ended up being a bad choice because it kept riding up at the bottom above my cami all night. Oh well. Please excuse Ellie's room disaster!

So here are my little crafters. I honestly did NOT ask them to make the gifts for me. They just started working as soon as we got home. MC actually wanted to bake a cake, but I said to just wait on that since I was taking over the kitchen making quesadillas to bring to the shower.

The finished product! Two washcloths wrapped together (used a tiny rubber band to secure), with a baby spoon taped on the back.

All of them together! I also added little tags before we left.

And some photos of the baby shower!  So. Much. Fun!  Love all these ladies and babies, and our friend Kiley was so kind to open up her gorgeous home to the group.

Today was spent resting and running errands. Steven's back is bothering him quite a bit, so we didn't make any progress around the house like I was hoping.  He did take all four of the big kids to the library and grocery store, so he wins SUPER-DAD for that! We had a nice Mexican dinner out, and I did some resale shopping with the baby this morning, and then some Old Navy and shoe shopping with her and Ellie this evening. I think everyone has a warm coat now, and the girls have warm boots. I'm still so aggravated that SJ's coat and shoes never showed up from the park. I haven't found him new tennis shoes yet.

My other fun part of the evening was getting a call from a dog rescue organization for a little "interview." You would think that adopting a rescue dog would be a pretty straightforward thing. We aren't picky about breed, and we don't care if it's a boy or girl. We just want a gentle dog that's out of the puppy stage, is kid-friendly, and house-trained. We're hoping for a little lap dog this time. So we went to a rescue kennel last weekend and the German owner looked us up and down and said in her strong accent, "Hmph. I don't know. We have maybe one dog who could handle all these kids." Bonkers was sweet but I just didn't fall in love. My friend is fostering a dog who might be a good fit but won't be available for a month or more.

I've emailed dog owners, have filled out extensive applications, and we haven't made much progress the past couple weeks. I was laughing so hard last night at one of the applications. It wanted to let us know that "caring for a dog/grooming could add up to $1200 or more a year" and wanted me to choose if "there's no way we'd pay that much for a dog" or "we would end up paying much more." Those were the only options. It asked for references and even asked for the name and contact info of who would take the dog if we died!  Wow!  I think most people read my messages or applications and see "five children" and immediately write us off, especially since some of the smaller rescue dogs can be overly active or aggressive.

I filled out one of the applications earlier this week, not even thinking the people from this particular breed would give me the time of day. It is one of the popular European breeds and most owners are very passionate about it. But while shopping tonight I got a phone call from the sweetest lady, asking me about my interest in adopting from their group. She loved the idea of me being home and homeschooling all the children. She was warm and friendly, and maybe one of those dogs will just be the right fit for our family. We will see.  We were planning to adopt a mutt, but maybe we'll end up with a beautiful purebred who also needs a home. Who knows!

Tomorrow starts our last week before Thanksgiving Break. I'm so excited! We will have to plan some fun things to do during that time, because I've been quite the strict mama about staying on top of schoolwork this year. I even declined another offer to join the science museum classes. Staying home on weekdays is really so important to our success and my sanity as we stay on track with our work. We should get through Week 14 of our syllabus before Thanksgiving, and then I guess we'll be at Week 16 before Christmas.  That break will be so nice!

We had two showings on our Corpus house this week, but nothing further.  Our Lady and St. Joseph, please pray for us!  Thanks for following along on this week, and just our family's life in general. Sometimes it seems so weird to know that all these friends (and some strangers) are keeping up with our lives while I journal in this public way.  It's funny when friends bring up stories from my blog or share how they enjoy reading about my crazy days. I'm sad that I don't know all that much about some of my friends who read this and who I don't see very often. But I guess I'm grateful that they know how our family is doing and that they care enough about our family to follow along!  Much love and many hugs to all of you who read and care about us, and I hope I can catch up with you all soon!


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Lindsey Hubbard said...

You had quite a week! I think Steven must’ve been emotionally unprepared during that time, that’s why he freaked out. Thankfully, you decided to let him take the laughing gas. It definitely made your appointment that much smoother. Hopefully the next visits went better for him. Good day!

Lindsey Hubbard @ Team Green Dentistry

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