Thursday, November 20, 2014

Another Wacky Week-7 Quick Takes

Two more days until Thanksgiving Break! I can't wait. I really just want to cozy up in bed and watch movies all day. This week has been quite a doozy with dental work, various little accidents, and topped off with a stomach virus! 

We did have some pretty moments throughout the week...

What's the baby eating?
Sweet siblings and a pool missile one morning...

Snow in Houston?
Some yummy Dutch Baby puffed pancake slices with powdered sugar. I commented on Instagram that this would be the only kind of snow we'd be seeing here in Texas!

Ballerina girls
Monday evening was ballet class, and I got some photos and videos since the teacher left the door open. The boys were with Steven so I had a quiet evening watching my ballerinas. 

Beautiful baby bundled up at ballet
She turned 9 months old on Wednesday!

Morning quiet
Tuesday also started off in a calm way with four little angels asleep in our bed. But it was a hectic morning getting to Nature Club and then back home in time to prepare for my own dental appointment. 

Dental adventure and shattered glass 
The dentist appointment was quite eventful. Reminder: leave baby with someone, or bring two people to help with her! She had a blowout diaper for Ellie and then was fussy after I went to change her. I still have half the work left to go! I guess all these babies and breastfeeding are doing a number on my teeth!

That night we had some adventures with more poopy pants (not the baby's), meanwhile the blender got knocked down from a high cabinet and shattered on the kitchen floor. Then we had issues stepping on glass shards the rest of the night until I was finally able to mop at about 11:30pm!

Vertigo and tummy bug
I had a few hours of vertigo symptoms yesterday and then came down with a GI virus in the night. The kids are having a few mild symptoms too. The girls were very helpful with the baby today during the hours that Steven couldn't be here. At least we're not in a hotel this go round!

Ellie reading to Katie. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be our club meetings and tea party, but it looks like we will be resting at home and starting off our holiday week with a bang...or a barf!

Hoping for some fun and pleasant moments to come soon!

More takes over at Conversion Diary!

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