Saturday, November 01, 2014

Halloween 2014

It feels a little strange when we celebrate All Saints' Day before Halloween, and then our All Souls event took place on Halloween morning as we went to the cemetery to visit the grave of our dear friend Kelly who passed away on Halloween 5 years ago.  So we didn't quite celebrate these feasts of the Church in the right order, but at least we celebrated them!

Some images from our morning at the cemetery...

After the visit, we went out to lunch with some of our friends, and then we went home to rest up for the evening festivities!  We met at our friends' house for appetizers, dinner, and then trick-or-treating around their neighborhood.  When we moved to Corpus Christi, we didn't celebrate Halloween because our church there always had their All Saints party on the 31st.  So the kids were thrilled to celebrate this holiday again after three years!  Thomas doesn't remember Halloween, so he was probably the most excited, declaring "this is the best day ever!"

Thomas as the "red ninja" from Ninjago

Some of the adults at the table

The girls and their friend as Nancy Drew characters

The neighbors across the street from our friends had a TV placed in their front yard which was playing Halloween movies.  The kids loved it!

Katie bear who slept in the stroller throughout the trick-or-treating

Steven as Luke Skywalker

Luke and Leia :)

The whole scary gang!

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