Sunday, November 09, 2014

Monday Motivation and Instagram pics

Top row: getting baby to nap (she grabs at my face), dancing time at Pickwick, Blue Knights boys making wooden medallions
2nd row: Tommy making his medallion, SJ running at the park, the floor after Katie's first breakfast buffet
3rd row: St. Kateri and baby Blessed Mother, the babies at All Saints party, and the kids at Nature club.

Tomorrow is Monday. It's November. The year is nearing its end.  Ahhh! Time is moving too fast. Soon it will be Thanksgiving and Advent and Christmas and New Years, and before I know it the baby will turn one! I'm not ready for that! The days continue to drag on and I feel like I'm still holding my breath, waiting to come to the surface for a good long breather.  Hopefully that will come at Christmas!

I'm still recovering from last week.  Steven was gone for about nine days on a big, long-awaited hunting excursion. Of course as it happens, while he was gone we had Halloween, a dental emergency, and a broken washing machine, plus the usual drama with homeschooling and discipline issues. But this weekend he got home and we were able to find a new washer, which will hopefully be delivered tomorrow if I can work out the schedule with the delivery time, schoolwork, homeschool consultant phone call, dentist appointment, and ballet class. 

I am trying to swim hard through the challenges this fall has brought on.  I'd hoped that once we moved things would settle down a little, but such is life! Our new curriculum has given an added measure of stress, but it's an important component of our homeschooling right now. My head hurts and I'm weary, but I will type up my goals for the week, so I can try to get myself on track.  I did my first jog in three weeks this morning, and am trying to start eating better starting today, so hopefully that will help to get my mind and body ready to take on the rest that 2015 has to throw at us!

1. Cancel one dentist appointment, and go to two other dentist appointments.
2. Be home to get new washer and wash, wash, wash all week!
3. Prep for consultant phone call for MC, and make sure she completes her lessons for grading.
4. Clothing bins to attic (these are starting to cramp the house).
5. Sort through boys' fall clothing.
6. Phone calls about electric bill.
7. Pay other bills.
8. St. Martin Walk Tuesday night? Maybe?
9. Stay on top of schoolwork and grading!
10. Prayer every morning and noon and 3:00! Special St. Joseph prayers for our house to sell!
11. Jog every other day.
12. Meal ideas: Pork loin/mashed potatoes/broccoli, Creamy pasta/chicken/green beans, Chicken noodle soup, Chicken parmesan and salad.
13. Organization planning/needs: hang pictures and shelves in master bedroom, hang crosses, find storage for Katie's clothes and Ellie's crafts and collections! 
14. Continue search for a family dog, since we don't have enough going on! At least that's something fun :-)

top row: MC crocheting her bag, moldy pumpkins at Walmart, T at cemetery
2nd row: group on Halloween, Katie in her new dress, and Katie in the walker all the kids have used at my parents' house.
3rd row: Skype call with my brother and family, driving away with my crazy crew, and saying goodbye to my helpful parents as my dad gives that silly Longhorn hand sign!

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Mary said...

Hi Blair,
Sorry for the tough week! Hope this is better. Can I recommend the 54 day rosary? When my husband had been out of work for nine months years ago, the day we completed 54 ( 27 for petition, 27 for thanksgiving) he was offered the job he has now. With my new house drama, we closed on the 28th day, the day after petition phase. Our Lady loves us and helps miracles happen. Your house will sell relieving you of that burden.
Also, sometime, I'd love to talk to you and Steven about the how to of keeping bees. :)
Prayers for you this morning!

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