Thursday, June 05, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real} A Nature Walk

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Last week we went on an evening stroll down a nearby trail that leads to the bay.  We didn't make it all the way to the bay since the sun was setting, but we enjoyed our evening outing.  So why don't you all come along with us on our little walk?

All photos taken with my new camera lens  
(still working in Auto or Av mode though)

A pretty walk down a nature trail
Baby is on Daddy's back in the Ergo!


Steven has a baby on his back and a very large 3yr old on his shoulders.  Wow!

Katie doesn't look amused.

Always funny are our attempts at kid group pics.

Here's an Instagram shot of the bee swarm Mary Clare found on our way back to the car!  Steven was excited and took the kids back the next evening to see if it was still there (it wasn't).  He can't wait to have a beehive again, but I think we will be waiting until after the move!  Do you remember these videos of him "cutting out" a feral hive?  Crazy!  Here are all our posts about bees for the bee lovers :)

And a real shot of Steven with his big catch from a fishing trip the next day.  Whoa!  He and Mary Clare had it for dinner last night.  

It was quite a full weekend,with hikes, beach outings, fishing trips, swimming, and a trip to a small water park.  This weekend will be a swim meet and preparations for an upcoming week in Houston.  The summer is off to a fun, but busy start!

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Anonymous said...

Visiting from phfr...looks like the perfect, relaxing family evening walk. :)

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