Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Rangers T-Ball 2014

(posting again so grandparents can see the videos that finally uploaded!)

The Rangers won 1st place in the competitive t-ball league!  They had a great season and won all except one game (when several of us were out of town).  A few of these boys have now played t-ball together with Coach Robert for three years.  It's been a fun time!

A few videos of him batting and running

 Team party at BJs Pizza
Getting his trophy

The team with the coach and assistant coaches

I missed the awards ceremony where they received medals and trophies for winning their division obecause a little brother to remain nameless was misbehaving.  Steven sent these photos from his phone.

And this is a little video of our short stop, who is always practicing his moves while out in the field.  We all get a kick out of watching him jump around!

And a photo that represents his attitude for the season.  They had to arrive really early for team photos, and were practicing for about an hour before the game.  He could not understand WHY THEY WEREN'T STARTING THE GAME YET!?!  He is driven and motivated and would get upset when he didn't get to be in the midst of everything with pouting and such.  We had to work on good sportsmanship, and he did much better by the end of the season.

We are proud of our big baseball player and know that after five different seasons of t-ball he is more than ready to move into the next phase of baseball!

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