Sunday, June 15, 2014

Answer Me This Father's Day and Silly String Edition

1. What’s something you intended to do today, but didn't?

Well, I intended to buy something small for my husband and my dad for Father's Day, but I waited too long to order it and now it'll have to be a late gift. I had a gift planned for Steven's dad too that didn't happen. I also intended to make Steven breakfast in bed, but Mary Clare beat me to it! She also crocheted him a thingie to go on his golf club driver, so she wins the prize for best daughter today.

2. What's your favorite grilling recipe?
Steven does all the grilling.  He even grilled today on Father's Day, but I made the sides (mashed potatoes and green beans).  He got some delicious steaks and I don't know what he put on them (he says it was Adams Reserve seasoning), but they were good!  I know he did put the chicken in a bowl with Zesty Italian dressing to marinate before grilling, and they turned out great too!

3. What movie did you see most recently?
Oh man, I don't really enjoy watching movies, so it was probably Frozen at the theater about six months ago!  I like watching shows on Netflix, and I think I've watched all of this season of the Duggar show.

4. Would you say your tendency is to over or under react to medical situations?
I think I'm getting better about this.  When the girls were little I definitely overreacted to illnesses, and we ended up at the ER quite a few times for nighttime croup coughing fits that always seemed to happen on the weekend.  Now the kids don't get sick often, except stomach viruses!  I still get really anxious when they're sick though. 

Steven and I probably both under react to injuries.  His typical phrase is, "shake it off!" So we've had a few instances of an injury that was actually worse than we'd thought or a cut that probably would've healed better had we taken them in.  Going through a knee surgery and open heart surgery with kids definitely heightened by anxiety about medical issues for awhile though!

5. Do you squeeze the toothpaste tube or roll it?
I squeeze my Crest.

6. What are you doing for Father's Day?
Today we went to mass and stayed for the usual brunch fellowship time afterwards.  Then we came home and Steven grilled and we had a nice "linner" (lunch/dinner), which is our typical Sunday meal.  Steven, the baby, and I napped while the kids ran around and got into fights.  Then we went out for ice cream and let the kids pick something at the dollar store.  The big kids had a silly string fight and they came home for baths and bed.  A pretty low key day which is just what Daddy prefers!

Hope your day was full of fun and a great celebration of all the dads in your life!
Special prayers going out to those who are missing their daddies today.


Amelia Bentrup said...

Silly string fight looks so much fun!

Ann-Marie Ulczynski said...

Oh my That silly string looks so super fun. I never thought about a family trip to the Dollar Store - great idea!

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