Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tea Party for the Blessed Mother's Birthday

Our homeschool group had been trying to plan a Mother Daughter Tea Party for awhile, but there were a few obstacles that kept showing up.  A few days before this tea party, we found out there was a miscommunication at the parish and we wouldn't be able to use the family center.  After contemplating other options, the day before the party I finally agreed to host at my house!  I enjoy hosting events, but it had been a busy couple weeks and I wasn't sure I was up to it.  All the moms stepped up and helped and we had a lovely morning together!

We set up 3 tables in our dining room.  I hesitated to use that room because it isn't very big and it has white carpet, but I figured we wouldn't be eating anything too messy.  The girls really did well keeping it clean!  Some of the other moms brought tea sets, tablecloths, folding chairs, and even fresh flowers to decorate!

Here are the littlest girls:

Ellie's table of her friends:

I found some special coloring sheets, paper dolls, and activities linked through Catholic Icing.  I can't find the post right now, but you could search "Mary's Birthday" on the blog and hopefully will find the links (post isn't showing up for me right now).  Most of the printables came from the website "Friends of Jesus and Mary."

We had chicken salad sandwiches, PBJs, fruit salad, caesar salad, scones, pretzels, nuts, crackers and cheese, along with some delicious desserts of cookies, chocolates, and birthday cake!  And of course tea, and apple juice, too!

Here's the cake, decorated with fake flowers and a colorful rosary!

Tea time!

One of the moms brought her two sons to be the servers.  They did a fabulous job!

The kids always seem to get out the handbells when we have friends over these days.  They all worked together to learn "Joy to the World" to play for the Blessed Mother!

The happy handbell players!


Playing before Our Lady's statue.  Afterwards, we prayed a decade of the rosary and sang "Happy Birthday."

"Happy Birthday, Dear Mary, Happy Birthday to you."

Here's a little view of my "masterpiece," the 4-layer birthday cake!  I've found that instead of trying to choose a white or chocolate cake, it's easier to just make both of them!  Then I slice the cakes in half and stack them on top of each other.  The rectangle ones are a bit easier than the round cakes.  It would've been better to freeze the cakes and slice the tops off evenly.  Regardless, it was a yummy cake!  I made the icing with half buttercream and half tub frosting (since I ran out of butter.)

I also gave the girls half a sheet of cardstock paper, folded in half, and they all made birthday cards for the Blessed Mother.  Here is the lovely altar with cake and beautiful cards!

Thank you to the kind friends who celebrated the morning with us and to Our Blessed Mother for bringing us together and leading us closer to her Son.  Happy Birthday, Mary!


Evita said...

This was such a beautiful testimony of love and dedication to our Blessed Mother! It made me so happy to read it! I know she is overjoyed with the beautiful party that was thrown in Her honor and of the witness of all the faithful families that participated! I love it!!

Kimberly said...

Wow...that looks so lovely Blair. I love the 2 older boys who helped serve...what a nice touch.

I'm organizing the All Saints Party for Regina Caeli...pray for me!

zerry ht said...

Stunning tea party décor!! The children did great job. Have to arrange a tea party at one of NYC venues and have already made arrangements for the day. The party will be hosted by my sister as she is famous event planner. Want to throw a memorable party.

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