Thursday, September 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes

iPhone photo dump:
 L-R from top: each of the kids at the park on Friday night when Steven was gone (we went to the park, Little Caesar's drive-thru, and Petco!), next row is Thomas at Petco, him holding his new helicopter, his favorite thing of climbing on the potty with toilet paper then getting right down and flushing (no success yet), and again him with his bday treats (including a lollipop), 3rd row is me reading Pride and Prejudice eating Oreo bark, Ellie doing her Spelling in the closet in her PJs, T with his shades, and E at a park.  Last row is Javelina at that park, T at the park on his bday night with moon behind him, SJ biking at that park, and the list of all the hawks seen there since August I believe.  The park we visited yesterday hosts hawk-watchers from all over the country!  We can't wait to go back again!

Oreo Bark
 I saw this somewhere online this week and made it the other night using this recipe as a guide.  I used less Oreos (maybe 10 altogether) and white candy bark instead of chocolate chips. YUM! It was eaten up quickly by the girls and me!

Camera Bag
Wow, a camera case made for a DSLR makes carrying a camera so much easier!
 I know my Cammie is safe in there, and aren't the polka-dots so cute?  Bought at Walmart!

 Some favorite recipes the past few weeks/months:
 I have probably linked these two before, but at least they will all be in one place, since my "Main Dishes" board on Pinterest is filling up!
Calabaza Con Pollo--We make this dish with rotisserie or chicken roasted in the crockpot, and serve with yellow rice and fresh tortillas.
Skinny Chicken Broccoli Alfredo  is a favorite, for Mary Clare in particular!  She loves broccoli and is our most adventurous eater!

Okay these others are probably way high in calories and a major reason of my huge midsection issues at the moment.  But oh so good!
Crescent Roll Chicken--Made with shredded crockpot chicken and used my homemade cream of chicken soup.  A big hit; should've used two cans of crescent rolls!
Crockpot Cream Cheese Chicken--Again, another artery-clogger, but you could use low-fat additions and add it to healthy pasta or rice, or one of those other healthy grain options that I'm not familiar with.  We did use my homemade cream of chicken, so I'm sure that negates all the cream cheese, right?  I made enchiladas with this chicken the next night!

The girls have been excited about the Nutcracker Ballet since we moved here.  Their previous ballet school didn't put on this performance, but our current one does, so all year they have looked forward to it.  The auditions were held last weekend.  Cue: Bad memories of screaming toddler during the "mandatory" parent meeting.  All eyes were on me, so yes I walked out of that meeting!

So, they had their hearts set on being Party Girls or Polichinelles (Mother Ginger Children), but they found out that they were both cast as mice.  To say they were disappointed would be an understatement.  "Horrified," is how Mary Clare described it.  Now, keep in mind the mice are like the villains in the scariest scene of the production, and they run around without really getting to dance much.  It's just not what they had in mind for their first Nutcracker experience!

But as the day went on, they calmed down, and Mary Clare has even said that she "knows it's the right part for her!"  She is handling it with grace and has decided that no, she won't quit ballet or refuse to perform in the show.  We've come a long way this afternoon.  And it's been a loooonnnng day!  As wise Daddy reminded me, this is a great character-building experience.  I agree.  But it's still hard.

MY tongs!
Some toddlers have pacifiers.  Some have "lovey" blankets or stuffed animals.  Our son carries around metal kitchen tongs!  I guess it's a compliment that he wants to grill like Daddy and fry bacon like Mommy!  He's actually asleep holding them right now.  Silly, silly boy!

I've read 2 books this past week (Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice), and just started Emma!  I'm on a Jane Austen kick!  Also still loving episodes of White Collar and the newest season of Downton Abbey, found in various places that are probably not very legit.  But SO happy it's back on.  Oh how I've missed Mary and Matthew!

From my friend who is a true Jane Austen fan, and who found out I was starting to read the books.  
Her movie recommendations:
'Pride and Prejudice' - (a wonderful 6 hours) BBC 1995 - Colin Firth Forever!!
(Just say no to Keira Knightley (2005 version). But, many may argue that point.)

'Sense and Sensibility' - (3 hours) 2008 BBC. My favorite Austen movie. The older version with Hugh Grant, Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson (1995) is okay, but those two have NO chemistry, and Emma Thompson is just too old for the role. AND it's too short.

'Emma' - (4 hours) BBC 2009!! Just about perfect!

'Persuasion' - I prefer 1995, but the 2007 one is good, too. '95 is truer to the book, and a little longer.

'Mansfield Park' - 1999 takes some liberties that I do NOT like, so I guess I'd the 2007 one. But the 1999 one is probably a better film in general.

'Northanger Abbey' - 2007, but one of my least favorite Austen movies (and books)

FYI - 'Jane Austen Regrets' and 'Becoming Jane' are mostly fictitious. 
Have a lovely weekend, friends!  We have some fun surprises up our sleeves, can't wait to share!


Mary said...

217I love Jane Austen kicks! P&P put me on a Colin Firth kick until I saw Mamma Mia - ew. And I agree about the 6 hour P&P, but Keira Knightly version is good when you only have an hour and half. The beauty of the English country side with worth the cropped story.

Jill said...

Cute camera case!!
And, once again, I just think the kitchen tong photo is priceless. :)

Lindsey said...

I don't know if I told you that my oldest was cast as one of the eels in The Little Mermaid (musical theater). We experienced a similar wave of mixed emotions over the last few weeks surrounding the auditions. But now she is excited and happy and loving the rehearsals. I thought it was funny that both your daughters and mine were cast as the sneaky villains! Congrats to your girls! :)

Can't wait to find out about your surprises!

Anonymous said...

Umm...just so you don't feel alone, I'm watching Downton probably same way you are! Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. I don't particularly like Mary, but I love Anna and Mr. Bates! Annette

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