Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fr. Mike's Jubilee

One of our favorite priests, the one who married us 10 years ago THIS WEEK, celebrated his 25 year Jubilee as a priest at St. Mary's last weekend. Msgr. Mike is an amazing priest, with a joy and a work ethic that is truly inspiring. He is sorely missed in Aggieland, but we were so happy to go up there to celebrate this special Mass with many of our college friends!

I was in tears as the priests processed in for the Mass. It was beautiful seeing over a dozen deacons and priests, and all the growing Catholic families, whose lives have all been touched by such an amazing priest. This church holds so many special memories for me, and the floodgates of tears came as we sang "Joyful Joyful" to begin the Mass. The kids did pretty well considering how early we arrived and how the Mass was a little longer than normal.

I did get a few pictures as they processed out of the church.

The man of honor! Greeting everyone as he exited the church.

Visiting with wonderful old friends!

Two of my favorite ladies!

The awesome B family with the three awesome priests we had while I was at St. Mary's.

The amazing and inspiring K family!

And our happy family :)

A wonderful day indeed.


Kristy B said...

So jealous and wishing we could be there too :) And congratulations on 10 years!!

Melissa D. said...

Looks like a joyous celebration. We just did VBS at STA, and I'm pretty sure I recognize one or two of the older "K" boys as story tellers and some of the saints we learned about last week . . . I don't know them, so maybe I'm wrong. :)

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