Friday, September 03, 2010

7 Quick Takes

Baby update: All was well at my 34 week appt yesterday, except for the fact that I had an upset tummy and was having contractions the whole time I was there! I was better after resting at home yesterday and most of the day today. We're going to continue the shots in hopes that I'll make it to 37 weeks, and next week we'll start weekly ultrasounds to monitor lung maturity. I'm looking forward to the little glimpse of Baby next week!

Daddy is such a good sport about playing board games with the kids. Today Mary Clare called him on his way home to see if he would play Monopoly with them when he got home. They've been playing for the better part of 2 hours. I'm considering this homeschooling for today...reading, math, buying property...they've learned a lot!

We finally had our last Little Flowers planning meeting today, at a local church which has a cafe and an indoor playground open to the public! Great for the kids to get out and run; it's been rainy the past few days. Three other moms are all helping me to pull it together. One mom made special t-shirts, one is going to help the girls paint their tote bags next week, and the other mom is making adorable name tags for their tote bags. We have 22 girls ages K-2nd grade, and they are going to have a wonderful year! We start next Friday!

The kids have really gotten into some imaginative play this week with their blocks, train tracks, peg saints, and other small dolls and furniture. It's been taking up large parts of the house, but they are really entertaining themselves and letting Mommy rest, so I can't complain (much)!

Check out this link to a duo on The Amazing Race this season (which starts airing September 26th). It is a birthmother/birthdaughter team. I've "known" Andie online for several years; she's a faithful Catholic woman who sacrificially gave her birthdaughter up for adoption, and later went on to marry and have 10 beautiful children! Now she has reunited with her birthdaughter and they are on the show together. What a witness to the gift of life and adoption! I'll surely be watching this season! It's one of our favorite shows!

And yes, we've actually been doing some "real" schoolwork too. A friend gave me this idea about using a paper with a little notch for beginning reading instruction. It's working GREAT for Ellie! She isn't so overwhelmed with the 3-4 sentences she's being asked to read in her 100 Easy Lessons book, and it's proving much easier for me to work with her on this each day. Thanks, K!

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! We'll be celebrating Steven's and some other relatives' birthdays on Sunday and hoping that my "labor day" holds off for a few more weeks. A Happy Early Birthday to Steven!!!

And if you're wondering where #3 went...well, that's about how my mind is working these days! I apparently can't even count! Oh well, I think that's enough for tonight.

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