Thursday, August 26, 2010

Small Successes

I'm needing to note the Small Successes these days! I talked to a friend today who has 3 kids 3 and under and is living away from her husband at the moment. She told me how she gets proud of herself every night for making it through another day. I need to remember that!

I've kept up with hand washing the dishes! Our dishwasher is still broken, and it doesn't look like it's going to be fixed very soon. Last night I even swept and wiped down the floor. And guess what I swept up from under the table? The "I cwit" note. I laughed out loud as I swept it up and threw it away, proud that the kitchen is somewhat clean, aside from the cluttered countertops.

I survived 2 driving adventures yesterday! My kind friend gave me a bunch of size 5 and newborn diapers that her kids grew out of, which were just the sizes I needed. I figured it would be easier drive the 20 minutes to her house, rather than go to the grocery store with all 3 kids! The newborn diapers are SO small...I can't believe our baby is going to fit in them!

Then in the afternoon a friend needed a ride to pick up her car, which we "brilliantly" did during rush hour! We made it through both those outings, along with a full day out of the house on Tuesday. On that day we went to a long birthday party including Build a Bear and swimming, dance class, and a dinner outing and were gone from 10am-7pm. Hopefully my outings will slow down from now on...I'm really trying...

I made it to week 33! I get so excited with each new week of pregnancy, knowing just how much more Baby is growing! (I need to take another belly photo soon, everyone claims I've grown a lot recently and I definitely feel it!) My online "ticker" says that Baby is probably 4.75 lbs and 18 inches, wow! I'm always worried about delivering a preemie, but hopefully this little bundle will wait at least another month!

I do spend a lot of time resting and lying down each day, and have watched another season of The Amazing Race on YouTube on my iPhone. I'm also proud to be surviving these days without much help from poor Steven whose back is better but still not 100%, and my parents who are both having some health concerns. It's been a crazy few weeks but we're making it through, hopefully to be rested and well enough for Baby's arrival!

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JJ's Mom said...

Fabulous list! Keep that baby bun in the oven Mama! I'm with you on the trips to the store - I was lucky enough to have a friend drop off her leftover size 3 diapers about a month ago. And at the rate my little one is growing he'll be in them in no time!

Dianna@KennedyAdventures said...

Keep on cooking that little bean!

Jill said...

I think of you often! I remember my 4th baby- due at the end of August. I had three little ones at the time who I literally couldn't keep up with. I couldn't take them outside to a park or anything because two of them were two years old and I couldn't get them down off of playground equipment meant for big kids that they thought they could climb on. :) Oh, the memories...
Would love to see a belly shot. And mostly can't wait to see pictures of the baby. (Though not for several weeks!)

Farmer's City Wife said...

Kept up with handwashing dishes?? My dishwasher is on the fritz and I keep pretending the dishes are coming out clean... you are a much better woman than me.

Congrats on a great week and blessings upon your beautiful family!

Faith On The High Wire said...

Keep going, you're having a great need to lose momentum!!! Hope you have a lovely 3rd trimester!

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