Sunday, August 15, 2010


I told Steven that I feel like a bear right now. I just long to curl up in my bed for about 5-6 more weeks until my new bundle arrives from the stork! Wouldn't that be divine? Oh, how I'd love to avoid the surgery and have the baby show up in my arms!

My body feels like it's starting to check out. I've had a nagging cough for over 3 weeks, some sinus issues the past few days, am walking like a waddling duck, feel constantly overheated, and honestly spend about 3-5 hours lying in bed each day.

So, with me feeling like that, Steven out-of-commission with his back injury, and the other drama going on around us, we've been quite a mess the past week! I hope we can both find some healing and energy this new week to press on in our daily duties and prepare for the next couple months as we await the delivery and birth of our sweet baby!

I'm almost 32 weeks along and will see the doctor again this week. It looks like we'll wait to choose a delivery date until it gets closer and we see how my body handles these next few weeks of pregnancy. I'm hoping that we can wait until closer to 37 or 38 weeks...we'll see if Baby cooperates! I'm really still in shock that the baby is coming so soon. I haven't done anything to prepare and hope to at least pull together some newborn clothes (need to wash and find some of both genders!), diapers, and set up a bedroom baby-station in the next few weeks. It's fun not knowing the gender but I think it's also keeping me from really connecting with the baby and realizing that he/she will be in my arms very soon! I can't wait to be past the surgery part and enjoying those sweet newborn cuddles once again :)

I'm trying to soak in all the baby-ness of little Steven Joseph. This last part of pregnancy is always a bit emotional as I realize that my "baby" will soon be the toddler who will start to act up, grow up, and become a big brother! It melts my heart when he says, "I Mommy's big boy!" He tells us that he is NOT a baby anymore. And he is also insistent that he's having a baby brother...

The fun summer days are also coming to an end. The pools will probably be closing on the weekdays as most area schools start on Wednesday. Dance classes start tomorrow and hopefully we'll get back into our homeschooling routine as well. We'll be starting our 5th week, and I'm so glad I got a head start! I don't have much energy for anything other than the necessary grocery store visit or other errand. And after we go on an outing in this 100 degree weather, I need an hour or two in bed to recover! I am so pathetic!

But to remind me of the fun we had these past couple are a few shots from a swimming playdate and a pirate birthday party...

Hope you are all soaking in these last few weeks of summer!

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Anonymous said...

Those swimming shorts on little SJ are adorable!! Hang in there...
Theresa in ALberta

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