Friday, August 06, 2010

iPhone Photo Phun!

After a few months of not being able to load my iPhone photos and videos to the computer, it finally worked tonight! I've posted lots of these on Facebook but since I hope to print this blog into albums at some point, I wanted to load them all here. So here's our summer starting in June!

Kids are always wanting to ride the carousel at the mall, and this day, I obliged!

This was Memorial Day at the "old" G family home, some serious grillin' going on here!

The library festival where we waited 45 minutes for balloon animals. SJ took off his pants and wouldn't put them back on! It was SO hot (but not as hot as it is now in August!)

Steven Joseph and our goddaughter Cecilia after Sunday Mass

Putting up with his sisters' dancing productions. Here he's in a sweater set made by my talented knitting aunt!

And here he is very upset about whatever was going on, probably the romper the girls put him in!

Ellie dancing away!

Kids and cousins in their July 4th performance

Okay and these are 3 funny signs from our trip...

Put toilet paper in the toilet, novel idea!

Self-explanatory. Watch out!

How do you pronounce this? EzXit?

This family is so happy that our local little children's museum has relocated and re-opened after nearly a year! Perfect way to get out of the house on a weekday afternoon!

When the girls were at dance camp, I took SJ there and we watched a magic show! It is crazy crowded there on weekday mornings, so I think we'll stick with the late-afternoon time frame!

Our other fun outing each week, my OB appts! Can you find Steven?

"Patiently" waiting for the doctor

and a couple more from the museum this week! The girls are such good "little mommies" for Steven this summer :)

And I've got a lot of funny videos I'd love to share, but those will have to wait until another time. Maybe after I finally blog about our last 2 days of the trip! For now, the bed is calling my name, gotta rest up for another hot summer day at the pool tomorrow!

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