Sunday, March 14, 2010


Why I've been MIA...

A very busy week, which included a computer keyboard ruined by a water spill for a few days, followed by a non-functioning mouse the next day. Blogging doesn't work very well on the iPhone and I can't figure out how to upload blog photos there :-(

Thursday was a field trip across town to the city ballet academy. It was a great performance, even though I missed the first portion when SJ wouldn't stay outside with a little friend and his dad. They did excerpts from The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and a Texas-themed ballet!

Several days were spent mostly in bed, exhausted. My belly is feeling big and my body is feeling tired. I'm eating like a horse (a junk-food loving horse) and can't ever seem to get enough sleep. My neck is sore...Whine, whine. But this little life is worth it!

We've been enjoying some gorgeous weather and have taken several park outings, including one today with Steven and Mary Clare, where we spent a few hours pulling weeds in exchange for free tickets to Disneyland! Google "Give a day, get a day at Disney" for more info on that.

Taking care of the garden is hard work! We've got lots of sprouting vegetables!

Today we had an Easter egg hunt dress rehearsal and lunch at Aunt Jill's.

I've been doing lots of prep work for that ballet field trip and the upcoming Rodeo one this week. Should be another busy week! I'm trying to take it easy, and you'd think that Spring Break would be a "break", but I'm not so sure the break part is going to happen.

But the best progress and reason I've been MIA from the blog and computer...I've been going to bed early! I'll usually play around on the iPhone and maybe watch a little show, falling asleep around 9 or 9:30...huge progress for this night owl who has had a hard time getting to sleep by midnight in the past! Right now (Sunday night) it's nearly 10:30pm (new time) and I am about to crash. Only I've got a 4 year-old who is wide awake after taking a 3-hr nap this afternoon.

Have a super Spring Break, friends and family!

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