Thursday, March 04, 2010

a little prayer request

My sweet Stevens...aren't they cute! SJ is in his "wunning shirt" which he wants to wear all the time. He's also obsessed with "paderman" (Spiderman) and continually asks for things like a Spiderman piano or Spiderman umbrella.

My sweet little toddler...oh I just eat him up! And it's been so hard to wean this guy. I just can't say no to his sweet requests, even though sometimes he says, "Mommy, me no more 'ne'. Me big boy. Wight, Mommy?"

But I think it's now time. With my miscarriage history the OB has been recommending it from the beginning. In our family it works best to wean cold-turkey because the kids tend to nurse so much at nighttime. He made it through the night with the help of Daddy last night, but I'm asking for prayers that the rest of the transition will go smoothly.

I'm feeling pretty exhausted right now at almost 8 weeks along. I think it's a combination of the pregnancy, the progesterone supplementation which I need to start taking at night instead of in the morning, trying to nourish 3 humans, and several big events that have me stressed out. I've had a headache since yesterday afternoon, feel overly anxious and emotional and just not quite like myself this week.

MC is having some 1st grade girls over for a playdate today to celebrate her doll's birthday. And I'm coordinating 2 big field trips in the next couple weeks which have details that are a bit of a pain to figure out (childcare, limited chaperone numbers, 80 tickets to get to students for the Rodeo).

So I would love some prayers, friends. Things usually tend to go better than I expect, I admit I'm sometimes a bit of a pessimist. I'm looking forward to another weekend with Daddy, who hasn't had to work Saturdays for a few weeks now! We have some sprouts in the garden and are receiving shipments of our new school books every day. We're enjoying the piano and the iPhone and have so much to be thankful for! Just need a few prayers for me and my big baby and little baby during this special, but difficult, time. Thanks!


Lillian said...

Prayers going your way! I'm almost done weaning Veronica, too. What's helped us is offering milk in a sippy cup with flavoring (Ovaltine, strawberry, etc.)

Can anyone take over the field trips for you? Be careful and don't take on too much. Enjoy your weekend!

Colleen said...

Oh, Blair, I'm definitely praying for you. I remember clearly feeling the same way several times during my last pregnancy. There are just so many demands on a mommy! Take care of yourself the best you can!

Anonymous said...

prayers for you Blair!

Beverly said...

Oh sweet Blair I'm thinking of you and will try to offer it up for you everytime Cecilia still wants "O" and I really don't want to nurse. And also when I'm feeling tired and stressed and don't have a reason to be.

I've found with my 5 that the Avent soft silicone-tip sippy cups work well during the transition.

Try to get your rest and accept family's and friends' offers to ease your load.

...praying for St. Gerard's intercession!

Kimberly said...

Praying for you Blair...

and I agree with Lillian, maybe you should consider organizing the field trips, but not go...maybe someone can take the girls for you...when you're tired, it makes everything harder.

I felt anxious today much going on...and I desperately try not to feel overwhelmed...but with Dad working late/not home at night, trying to figure out Christina's allergies, new things going up on the calendar like CRAZY...oh, I know how you feel!

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