Monday, February 23, 2009

What's on the table?

Just wondering...what's on the table where you're at the computer right now (assuming you're not on a laptop in bed)?

In no particular order:
a bag of animal crackers
a medicine syringe (I needed that an hour ago! They're all disappearing!)
a big hair clip
a mug from the ice cream I just ate
a plastic cup with one last sip of water
a DVD case for the "Beautiful Ballerina" movie from the library
DVD case for Bob the Builder (where are these DVDs and why is only the case here?)
a gingerbread candle
a polka-dot painted clothespin
a foam princess crown
a few bills
a stack of a few Christmas cards that never got sent
a nightlight that Stevie always wants to eat
and I dare not look behind the computer screen!

We've had a nice Monday. One more doctor visit for baby, a grocery trip (just me and SJ), a restful lunchtime, and an afternoon at ballet and the fabric store (to browse). Everyone is in much better spirits. We've been enjoying the movie "Madeline" the past few days so I'm hoping to do a little unit on that this week. We have 2 of the books and will talk about France. I'm looking forward to the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday and hope that it will be a renewal for me in many aspects...a renewal of my faith, my prayer life, our homeschooling life, and our family life. More on that later. For now, it's past my bedtime. But my kitchen floor is scrubbed and my living room is tidy and vacuumed! I guess I should post on the "Small Successes" over at Faith & Family, but I'll try to spend my morning with the kids! Have a terrific Tuesday!


Kimberly said...

I was on a cleaning kick too Blair, I cleaned the girls bathroom, vacuumed and dusted the living room, and then vacuumed under the sofa cushions (which hadn't been done since we bought the furniture 4 years ago), and rotated all the cushions too. Isn't it nice to clean and feel a sense of accomplishment (even though the mirror and sink will be splattered with toothpaste by the end of the day?)

Jill said...

Let's see...on my computer table...

a pink and silver tiara
two 50 cent Euros
a green barrette
a black ponytail holder
a blue pen
a slip asking me to subscribe to Catholic World report
The February issue of This Rock magazine
My address book
A Lightning McQueen notebook
a wrapper from something
three random recipes

Glad things are looking up. Enjoy the start of Lent!

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