Sunday, February 01, 2009

Quick Q

I'm looking for sewing machine recommendations. Anyone have any advice for a sewing newbie?


Celeste Creates said...

Hi there. My mom taught me how to sew on her old Singer. After we were married I finally decided I wanted a machine so I could sew and quilt. I bought a $100 basic Kenmore model and I loved it. It never had any problems and I made lots of quilts, etc. on that machine. I had been wanting a new machine with more features recently. I sold my 7 year old machine and went out and bought another Kenmore. As it stands, I would buy another one. So happy with it.

Blair said...

Thanks Celeste! I looked at the Kenmores at Sears today. I don't really know what features (if any) I want or need, so I guess it's best to just start with the basic model? Did you need any repairs and where do you take it for those?

Kimberly said...

I have a Kenmore that is older than I is running fine. But I would really like to upgrade to a Viking or Bernina. Those are the names to go with if you want to really invest in a machine. Either one should, with proper maintenence, last you a lifetime.

Lillian said...

Oops, Blair, I was wrong. I don't have a Singer. I have Kenmore from Sears. Can't say enough good things about it.

I've never needed any repairs. I only break needles. ;-)

Michelle said...

I have a Bernina. Expensive, but you'll never need another one. Made of all-steel.

Celeste Creates said...

Hey there. One more thought. I don't know how much a Janome costs, but I know how much some of the Berninas, Vikings etc. cost. My thought is that spending around a 100 for basic model should last you a long time and then if you aren't sure if it's really something you want to do a lot, then you haven't invested much. Let me know if you have any questions if you want help. I can look at the models you are considering. Then you'll have to bring your machine all the way down here for a sewing night with me and my friends - you'll be hooked. wildercard at sbcglobal dot net

Celeste Creates said...

PS - never any repairs on my kenmore not even a tune up!

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