Thursday, February 05, 2009

My new toy

Steven picked her up today.
I think she needs a name...ideas?
I decided on Kenmore, thanks for all your advice!
Now, I just need to stay on top of those clean laundry piles, so that the now-termed "folding room" can turn into my "sewing/craft room". I'll let you know how she works; it'll probably be a few days. We had a stomach bug infestation that now appears to be gone, but tomorrow is First Friday classes and the Valentine's Party...lots to do! Night night!


Lerin said...

My sister recommended Kenmore too. I like mine so far!

uskids said...

Yea! Can't wait to see how it works! How bout Sewblessed!

Love, MOM

Kimberly said...

Oh...that's a sweet looking machine Blair.

Call her "Threads"


Lillian said...

She's beautiful! Have fun getting to know your "new friend."

Celeste said...

What a great choice Blair. Good model for a great price. You will get a lot of good use out of that one. Come down for sewing when we get all moved. The kids can play and we sew - or at least attempt to. I say you name it Bobbin.

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