Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ever feel like this?

Is there a basket for you that's too high to reach? Today at the park Ellie saw a man playing basketball and wanted so hard to try to make a basket with her soccer ball. She didn't try, just held it up and stared at the basket. So sweet! Finally, she handed it to me and I threw it in a few times :)

What is the basket that you're trying to reach? I guess for most of us, we're ultimately trying to reach Heaven. The thing is, we can't make it there ourselves. So just like I had to take the ball and make the basket for Ellie, Christ has made the sacrifice so we can share eternity with him. Nice analogy?

But then there are the little baskets that we just can't seem to make each day. My housework is one of those things. Just can't get on top of it. Another problem is my internet addiction ;) And I haven't even been blogging much! But my biggest problem right now is just finding peace amidst the chaos. My mind is spinning in so many different directions, thinking about my daily activities, our future family plans, the girls' health, the holidays coming up, frequent trips out of town, and so on.

What I need to realize is that Christ can make those baskets for me. He can make up for what I am lacking and grant me the peace I need to live in his will. Tonight I had a Gospel Reflection on the poor widow's contribution (part of upcoming Sunday's Gospel reading). It reminded me how I need to not just give from my surplus, be it surplus money, energy, enthusiasm, creativity...but to give what I don't have, that which only Christ can provide for me. Because in my weakness, that's where he is strong. That's where I learn to rely on him. That's where I learn trust and surrender.

Help me Lord, to rely on you in my little weaknesses, especially my housework, my computer usage, and my anxious thoughts. May I look to your Mother who lived a life of peace and abandon. May I be inspired by the other mothers I know in real life and in the internet world, to love you with a simple, faithful, and passionate love. And may I serve my family and your Church with great trust in your mission for me. Thank you for reminding me of all my blessings.

And here are some other pics of my blessings:

Mary Clare being camera-shy with her soccer ball and cones from her Aunt Jill who taught her how to play soccer this weekend. Thanks Jill! Also note her new boots; she is absolutely thrilled to have boots like her daddy for when she goes to the ranch and cattle auction!

Ellie again loving on her soccer ball. They really had a hard time sharing these with the other kids at the park!

And both girls heading to the park last week (it's been really nice park weather!). They're holding their painted pumpkins along with doll paraphernalia which always comes along on car rides.


Lillian said...

Oh Blair! You've spoken to my heart! I know EXACTLY how Ellie feels!!

I need to learn to let go and let God reign!

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to the ever so high basket. I have to remember to relax, and let God take care of the rest. Love the blog! Your girls are SOOO big! So sorry about the married couples group. Didn't mean to disappear on you. Things got really hectic, and Jesse started teaching on Monday nights. Have a wonderful week!!!

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