Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Contemplative and Conquering

I heard a talk last night on these 2 aspects of the Christian life. I thought I would share some thoughts that jumped out from my notes and got me thinking about my prayer life.

-Christ was a man of prayer and action.
-We must learn about prayer at the Eucharist and spend substantial amounts of time there, asking for great love from the Lord.
-Our dreams and hopes should be born at the Eucharist, problems should be brought to him there and thanksgivings given there.
-Contemplative and conquering are what we should become: contemplating Christ, and conquering ourselves as he teaches us how to love.
-We should let him conquer others through our own self-giving.
-We should continually be receiving and giving, a cicular process of filling ourselves with Christ and giving him to others.
-Our Lady was a true example of being contemplative and conquering. At the wedding feast she told us to turn to Christ and do whatever he tells us.
-We must persevere to find perfection in him. Pope Benedict XVI said, "We were not created for an easy life, but for great things, for goodness."
-When asked how he can sleep at night with all the problems and crises in the Church, our Holy Father responded, "I sleep very well, thank you." That should be an example to us that we should sleep well and rest in the promise that Christ has already defeated death. If we can just be open to the graces he desires for us, we can do great things through him, and allow his Kingdom to reign in our hearts and on the earth.

Your Kingdom Come!

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Kate said...

That's awesome Blair. I've always wondered what that means exactly, so thanks for sharing!

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