Thursday, June 28, 2018

Washington DC Trip Day 7

This day was the big National March for Life!
We started the day off by going to the Trump Hotel Clock Tower. It used to be part of the old post office and is now a museum. It's a long way up, but what a great view of the city!

Then we hit the Museum of American History. We could have spent a lot more time in this museum, but didn't want to miss the meet up place for our group for the March.

Nursing by the Batman car

Replica of Julia Child's Kitchen

Now that's a dining room table!

First Ladies' China and Inaugural Gowns

The March!

The president speaking from the White House

Katie had a great attitude most of the time.
Look at that hair static!

Peter struggled in the crowds. He's a bit claustrophobic.
Ellie to the rescue.

My good friend and mentor Lillian

And the perfect dinner after a long day...
Texas BBQ!

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