Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Washington DC Trip Day 5

We woke up to SNOW on Day 5!

It was also the day to check out of our rental house and move on to the hotel where we'd be staying for the remainder of the trip. So I took some pics of the different rooms to remember it.

We checked into the hotel, and then we were off to Arlington National Cemetery with Steven's Aunt Winkie. We missed some turns, but had some beautiful scenery!

Standing by Uncle John's grave with Aunt Winkie

Then we went over to watch the Changing of the Guard.

The little museum room 

Steven took some of the big kids to the Lincoln Memorial while I stayed in the car with the babies. Then the big girls came out to the car while he and Steven Joseph braved the frigid temps to see all the war memorials.

Peter hanging out in the hotel lobby.
Our homeschool group (Mother of Divine Grace) took up most of the downstairs area with kids playing and parents visiting. Families from all over the world enroll with this program, so it was fun to meet a variety of families who are all a part of this big community.

The boys especially had fun playing games with the other MODG kids

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