Saturday, December 26, 2015

Steven Joseph is 8!

Steven Joseph turned 8 on December 20 and got to have a few special birthday celebrations. We shared an ice skating party with his best buddy Jude on December 12.

I didn't get too many skating photos because they were too fast!

He went ahead and got his birthday blessing at church on the 13th since we would be traveling the next weekend.

And I'll share more about that weekend and his actual birthday in another post!

Steven Joseph, this past year has been one of lots of growth and special milestones like your First Holy Communion. You are becoming more responsible and helpful, and you are a good brother, especially to your younger siblings. You enjoy sports, hunting, fishing, Legos, board games, and playing outside on your bike or ripstick. You want to go to mass often and are well behaved there. You enjoy your Blue Knights boys club and are one of the older ones now. You are very good at math and you are still working hard at reading, which we know will click for you soon. You are an affectionate boy and still climb into my lap to read stories! You are learning manners, to try new foods, and how to be a gentleman. I know this next year will be one of continued milestones and exciting adventures! We love you and are so happy God chose us to be your parents!
Love, Mom and Dad

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