Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Television Family

We've entered a new phase here. When we first got married, we decided we didn't want to have a television. We both liked it so much, we knew it would be tempting for us to spend too many hours watching sports or home decorating TV! But we didn't realize what a big role the internet would play in daily life as time went by.

About 6 years ago I got my first iPhone, so now we could watch things streaming on the phone as well as the computer. Steven finally got one about a year ago for work. And this school year, we also got a laptop to help with the need for an extra computer for homeschooling. So when we moved into a house with a big opening above the fireplace for a TV, we went ahead and filled it. What's one more screen in the house anyway?

We don't have cable or anything, but it's a Smart TV where we can watch Netflix and Amazon Streaming and YouTube, and we have Apple TV and can connect it to my laptop. I'm still learning how to use both the laptop and the television; I'm actually saving to an external hard drive right now so that I can hopefully do some photo work and editing (AND BLOGGING) on my laptop without climbing the dreaded stairway (ha!) and sitting in a child-sized chair at the desktop computer straining my neck and back!

We will see how it goes!

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