Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A little house tour for Christmas

I think it'll still take a few more months until I feel "finished" with all the rooms, especially the kids bedrooms and a few other areas downstairs, but I figured it would be fun to do a little home tour with iPhone pics for now, so we could remember the fun of moving into this new house and decorating for Christmas! Hopefully we will have our house blessing next month, and I can get some photos with the real camera.

We have wreaths on the accessible windows and lots of white lights outside! I found the JOY wooden yard sign on the side of the road last week! I'd been looking for either that sign or a wooden nativity, but this one looks nice with all the red in our decorations, and I love the message of JOY!

This garland was left at the Corpus house by the previous owners. The red lights still work but I had to add a strand of white lights and a new bow (which looks like it's falling off in the photo!). I added some more ribbon and ornaments (from the dollar store) to the wreath we already had. And I added a mini tree to the little side table that blocks all the electric cords!

We finally have a banister to decorate! So fun!

I'm not sure I'm crazy about the Nativity set-up, but maybe I'll change it next year. I'm thinking it should be on the entryway table for more visibility and I'm not sure about the fake snow, but I needed something so we could see the figures!

And here are a few shots of the progress in the upstairs rooms. The kids need some wall decor and a couple rooms need curtains, but we're getting there...


Boys' Bathroom (the girls is hard to get the right angle!)

Mary Clare's room (she painted it herself!)

Ellie's room (was already painted)

Boys' room. Can't have a boys' room without Legos everywhere!

It's so fun to deck the halls! Happy 4th week of Advent!

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