Thursday, May 01, 2014

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Ellie doing math in the front yard one evening.

Another shot of our sleeping angel after Sunday Mass.

Tommy at the t-ball game, pouting about something.

The three big kids started swim team last weekend!
Fuzzy pics, but happy faces!

I bought 100 magic erasers from Amazon for $10!
I'll be doing lots of scrubbing in the coming weeks!

The kids made a little cake for Ellie a few days after her birthday last week.  
Think they added enough sweets to it?  We're going to celebrate with a few church friends this weekend.

Real life is all about the baby these days!
Baby really likes the "star toy" that we've had since MC was a baby!
Photobombed by my foot.  She's now 10 weeks old!!!

Loving her Soothie pacifier.  We may have our first binky baby.  She'll take the pacifier almost every time we give it to her, unlike her siblings.  Maybe it's the Soothie brand that works better.  We are having to limit her again because she's having a bit of "nipple confusion" like she did during her first week.  But it's nice to have a way to comfort her when I can't nurse her, especially in the car.

She looks so big in this photo!

The sweet fishie sleeper she wore last night

And I must end with a real shot of two who don't always get along.  I went to get Ellie from piano down the street and came home to find them digging for dinosaurs on the back porch together :-)

We're having another pretty good week.  I think those first six weeks after baby I should've just slowed down with the kids' schooling a lot more.  Now I'm more able to be out of bed and present with them.  I'm still working through those parenting books, too!  Today we had a slow day, because I had them do their assessments for Mother of Divine Grace School for next year.  Yes, we're actually enrolling in a homeschool program next year and I'm super excited!  More on that later...

Hope you're all finding lots of pretty, happy, funny, and real things in your life today!


Kathia said...

Hi Blair!

Just popping over from the Edel site as I posted my "who's coming" bio and was reading other bios... I'm in Corpus too!! Excited to meet you at Edel, God bless!


Mary said...

I love the picture of Ellie doing her math. You are so busy! You have beautiful happy kids!

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