Wednesday, May 07, 2014

E and E Turn Nine!

This is Ellie with her sweet friend Emily on Easter Sunday.  They both had Easter week birthdays and were born one day apart.  Actually, they are just SIX HOURS apart!  These sweet girls turned nine this year and we decided to have a little pajama party for them last weekend, with a few homeschool friends and Emily's cousins who live in town.

The girls pretty much planned this whole party by themselves.  My friend and I just bought a few snacks and decorations, some $5 pizzas from Papa Murphy's, and my mom made some favors and a centerpiece.  First they played a "guess who I am" game with a slumber party-type word taped on their back (ice cream, nail polish, etc).

Next they played a game outside called Little Sally Walker.

I think they were trying to get their friends to laugh.

My friend bought some special cream to do facial masks.  They were so hilarious!

Then I calmed my nail polish fears (the girls always make a huge mess),
and let them do manicures.

My friend did some nail work too, 
while I fed the baby and kept watch over nail polish spills ;-)

We hadn't intended to have the party outside, but we spent almost the whole time out there!

Yes, Katie and I were there in our PJs, too!

They had an ugly fashion show.  It was pretty funny.

Then it was time for cake...

and presents!

We tried to keep the boys watching shows with Daddy most of the time, but he was falling asleep after an overnight trip away, so the boys came out and spent a bit of time bothering watching the girls.

Ellie examining a present or something...

It was a fun and special evening for these girls!  I know they enjoyed it.  It is also nice that the girls are old enough to coordinate their own party games and activities.  I don't have to do much except clean, and buy some food and decorations.  The kids even did most of the decorating together the night before.  Happy Birthday to Ellie and Emily!  May your 9th years be filled with grace and blessings!

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