Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a wonderful long weekend in Houston filled with family, friends, and fun!  We started with a rush into town for my dentist appointment.  We stayed with our good friends on the lake and enjoyed the day there on Friday while Steven went to work.  The kids got to attend the girls and boys clubs they host at their house with all the old homeschool friends, and I got to visit with lots of mommy friends.  Then I even got to make the second half of a mom's night out with my old homeschooling group!  The kids had fun playing in the lake and on the kayaks, and Saturday we went out to the farm.  Steven and the guys harvested 67 pounds of honey from their beehives! 

Saturday evening was the 75th birthday of a family friend of Steven's, which was held at the elementary school where Steven and his siblings attended as children.  We arrived late to stay at his sister's house and there was quite a party going on there with four of his sisters and the cousins and even neighbors!  The kids didn't go to bed until midnight!  Mother's Day was a beautiful day.  We spent some time in the morning with Steven's parents, then went to mass with my parents, out to Chuy's for lunch, and then to a River Oaks park to end our weekend in Houston!  Oh and a nice waffle cone of Blue Bell Cookies and Cream topped it off on the drive home.  Daddy has also ordered me to buy a new lens for my camera!

I am truly blessed with a wonderful husband, five awesome kids, an amazing mom, lovely mother-in-law, and very special sisters-in-law and friends who teach me more and more how to be a better mother.  And most importantly, I'm blessed to have the help and example of Our Blessed Mother who always prays for us and helps us to be good mothers who love her Son.  Being a mom is such a privilege and one I hope I don't take for granted.

A little iPhone photo collage...
Top row: nursing in the car, morning on the lake, Thomas and the trains, kayaking
2nd row: Ellie and friend gazing at the lake, Katie taking a nap, lady friends at the mom's night, and the guys at the farm.
3rd row: Pio and Katie, Tommy and the chicks, the guys and the honeycomb, and some of the stacks of honey!
Last row: Tommy loves the toy tractor, a tree banner for Grampatti, Steven and Katie at the park, and my mom and me with Katie at the park.

My mom and the kids who've made me a mom!  Happy Mother's Day!

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Unknown said...

Happy Mother's day beautiful girl!

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