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Walt Disney World 2013, Day 4--Epcot

Day 4 was our day at Epcot.  It started with an early wake-up to make it for the Extra Magic Hours for Disney resort guests.

Here we are waiting for the bus.

Watching a different park bus drive away.

And we arrive at Epcot!

We went straight over to The Land for the Soarin' Ride so that Steven could take the big kids before the lines got long.  Thomas and I got some breakfast plates there at the Sunshine Seasons counter service restaurant.  The others joined us soon after and then I went to ride Soarin' with the girls, while Steven took the others to Livin' With the Land.

After that we went on the Nemo and Friends ride and then to the Turtle Talk show.  It was really enjoyable!  You sit in a room with a big screen and the cartoon characters actually talk to the audience, like a little comedy show.  It's amazing technology.

Then we walked through the different aquarium areas there at The Living Seas area.

Here was a cast member feeding some lionfish.

The Nemo shark!!!!

Next we headed straight to the Character Spot, and only waited in line about 10 minutes to meet Mickey, Goofy, and Minnie.  We were surprised that Mary Clare was the one insistent on meeting the characters.  Then we realized it was because she gave them each a Rainbow Loom bracelet.  How thoughtful!

High Fives for Mickey!

Or maybe not.

A hug to thank her for the bracelet.

I'm amazed that the characters can actually sign autographs with such big costumes!

Thomas actually stood with the kids for this one!

And he was very engaged with Minnie!  I guess it just took a few characters for him to warm up!

Next on the agenda was TestTrac for Steven and the big kids, which was definitely a favorite.  It's some kind of race track thing, and everyone loves it.

Meanwhile Thomas and I went to explore the Innovations buildings.  There was a show going on with real firefighters.

At this point, we decided it was time to start making our way around the World Showcase.  Mary Clare took most of these photos and iPhoto won't let me straighten them, but you'll get the idea!


Norway, where we enjoyed the Maelstrom ride.



We made lunch reservations at Via Napoli in Italy.  Thomas slept for most of lunch in his stroller and they were very accommodating, giving us a spot where we could park the stroller.

Salad, bread, and dipping oil.

My white pizza, half eaten :)

I think this was Ellie's pasta

And Steven's gelato.
Overall, the food was great at Via Napoli, but it did take quite a long time to wait for a table (even with reservations), order our drinks and meals, and then desserts.  The sit-down restaurants are definitely time-consuming, and it was hard on this day because we scheduled two of them, and also went back to the hotel for a long break.  We walked around the countries but didn't get to explore them, so we were a little disappointed.  But resting mid-day is so important with small kids (and pregnant moms) if you want to stay at the park through the firework show!


Looking across the water towards Spaceship Earth


Taking a break while walking around towards the front of the park

At this point we headed back up to the front and I took the kids on Spaceship Earth (fun ride!) while Steven sat with sleeping Thomas.

We rested at the hotel and then came back a couple hours later and rode Spaceship Earth and Soarin' again.

The United Kingdom

While Steven, Steven, and Ellie were on Soarin', Mary Clare, Thomas and I went back towards France to sign in for our dinner reservation at Chefs de France.

It was a good dinner, although I'm not sure we were hungry enough for the amount of food and desserts that evening!  Here Steven and MC are eating her creme brulee! 

Then we walked out to enjoy the Epcot firework and laser show, before calling it a night.  Another fun Disney day, with only one casualty...Ellie's hat which we walked around looking for that night to no avail.

Epcot was definitely a favorite and one that would probably be better experienced over two days.  There are great rides in the Future World at the Front, and so much to see in the World Showcase.

We have one more day of our vacation to share...the last day at Magic Kingdom is up next!

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