Friday, December 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Happy Birthday, Steven Joseph!

I can hardly believe that our little man is six today! It's currently 4:30am and he's just fallen back asleep after waking with what appears to be croup. Hopefully it's just a little cold and my doTerra essential oils will help him sleep well. The girls used to get croup often when they were little but I'm not sure Steven has had it, and how sad it would be to be sick on his birthday!  Sickness has been rampant in our groups of friends, but we haven't really been around anyone this visit so far, just resting at my parents' house. We have a party planned with his best buddy here tomorrow, so please offer a prayer for my little man for quick healing! And for Daddy to have safe and quick travels to Houston this morning. 

Happy Birthday, Mom!
Steven shares his birthday with my mom. We're staying here at their house, which can tend to get a bit crazy with four children, a home based business, and two grandparents who are used to a strict schedule and a quiet house. I hope we're not dealing with sick kids over the next few days, and hope we don't pass anything to her. We'll pray for a joyful birthday and health for both my mom and Steven Joseph! Hope this year is a great one, NeNe! You are so loved by all of us, but especially each of your grandkids!

We survived last weekend! First we had Steven's company Christmas party at our house on Friday night. There were about 20 guests, a great Mexican food meal, and even a raffle (hence the big cooler in the photo). We even had our first fire in the fireplace! Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening. 

Then the family came! Steven's mom, two sisters, and niece arrived Saturday afternoon, just in time for Ellie's piano recital. It was held at a nursing home down the street, and she played "Angels We Have Heard on High" and two Nutcracker songs. It was a nice little recital. Afterwards, we had a little time to rest, eat some leftovers from the party, and then it was show time! Steven took his family to the late performance and I stayed home with the boys. Then we attended mass Sunday morning, visited a bit at the brunch afterwards, and then his family headed back to Houston and we headed off for their last performance! 

At the piano recital...

Farewell, Nutcracker season!
It was such a special year for the girls, joining a new ballet company and being cast as Party Girls. The many rehearsals and six performances were tiring but fun, and the girls were so sad when it was all over. They enjoyed every minute of it all! I'll have some better photos from my camera to share when we're home, but here are my phone pictures...

Me and my girls before the last performance

I found this photo below on Facebook. I think it's from the first weekend. Both the girls danced beautifully and were so animated with their acting! Ellie really hammed it up as she was always right in the front following Clara around and and throwing in some leaps and other moves around the stage. Mary Clare also did a lovely job, even in that one performance where she didn't feel well. We are so proud of them!

I watched the last show with Steven Joseph (photo from Take 1 above), and the girls joined us at intermission on the balcony. There was a cast party afterwards which we assumed would have some snacks, but it actually included a full Italian dinner catered by Johnny Carino's, plus a delicious cake! We were all very hungry, so we were grateful for the spaghetti and lasagna that night!

And here are the kids walking to the car, all bundled up. It was always so cold outside the auditorium, since it is right next to the bay. In fact, we park on a shipping dock area! We will have lots of fun Nutcracker memories to treasure. 

After a day of rest, the kids and I left on Tuesday morning to drive to Houston for the Christmas holidays. The kids got right to work, helping NeNe and PaPa with their giant tree!

I was so happy to be able to attend the baby shower for my old homeschooling group on Tuesday night. There were seven moms honored, and I was so glad to be included. Each mom (plus one to donate to a mom in need) is gifted with a laundry basket that the guests fill with little baby items like diapers, blankets, booties, and books. We had time to visit, ate wonderful snacks, and prayed a rosary together. I really enjoyed being together with all these friends again; I miss them so much! And receiving some tangible gifts for the baby has made this start to feel real! I can't believe I could be holding our little girl in about two months!

Speaking of our baby girl, I had a good 28 week appointment on Wednesday. I had yet another little symptom that warranted a quick peek at baby (and confirmation that all is fine!), and some wonderful 4D images!

My mom found this photo of Ellie at around a month old. Similar facial features, right?  Looks like she has the little button nose and big lips!

Well, since I've written this post twice now (iphone ate the first one), the coughing birthday boy is sleeping somewhat soundly, and it's nearing 5:30am, I guess I'd better go back to sleep and prepare for whatever will come today. Hopefully it's a fun birthday for SJ and my mom. Thanks for your prayers for them, and may these last days of Advent be peaceful and fruitful (and healthy, please God!) as we await the celebration of Christ's birth!

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Jessica Snell said...

congratulations on the coming little one! I love the clever way you put your tall tree right by the staircase, for easier decorating - so smart!

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