Saturday, November 02, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Thomas!

Well, I'm finally getting to the September birthdays.  Poor Daddy won't get his own post.  But we had a little celebration at home a few days before our trip to celebrate Steven's birthday (the day we left for Disney) and Thomas' birthday (September 21st).  I knew we'd be in Houston for Thomas' birthday and Daddy would be on a work trip, so we had a little cake at home to celebrate early.  Mary Clare made Steven a German Chocolate cake, and Tommy had a simple white sheet cake.

Just a little over a week after our trip, we spent a weekend in Houston since I had a Monday doctor appointment.  At the last minute we were able to get almost all of our Houston family together for a Saturday lunch at Skeeter's Restaurant in town.  We were even blessed to share it with Steven's Aunt Winkie and Uncle John visiting from Virginia!

Here's the birthday boy!  He was so excited to be "swee" years old! (Now he can say thwee)

I got a yummy cake from my favorite bakery, RJ Goodies the day before, not sure if we'd just celebrate with my parents or have a little party.  But it all fell into place and I picked up a balloon, plates, napkins and a candle on the way to lunch.  Now this is an easy way to do a birthday party!

Here's most of the family who came...both sets of grandparents, three aunts, a great aunt and uncle, and four cousins (the others had sports events).

Covering his ears while we sang Happy Birthday!

Blowing out the #3 candle!
He wouldn't touch his lunch because he was so excited about the presents!

PaPa helps open a present.

Cousins and siblings help, too.

And here's a little phone pic of Tommy hitting his homemade pinata from Ellie, with a sword!

Happy Birthday Tommy!


Neen said...

I love the cakes that are made by the siblings. That is so cool. I think all my kiddos enjoy birthdays even if it isn't theirs.

Anonymous said...
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