Friday, March 16, 2012

Little Way Farm

Also during our trip to Houston, we were able to head north out to Little Way Farm to spend the night with our friends (and godparents to all our children), Veronica and Enrique and their 5 kids! 

After 4 precious boys, they have finally welcomed their sweet little princess, Miriam Eva!  You can tell we had a fun time with her!

Mary Clare loved holding the baby.  Now, more than ever is she convinced we need a new baby!  No matter how many times I tell her I still have a nursing toddler, she is still begging and praying every day for a baby.  One day this week she was crying about it and demanding I pay her every month until I'm pregnant!  She's quite the little mommy.

Always some fun games and legos with the boys!

Thomas was thrilled with the balls, but then noticed the animals and was even more excited!

Watching the cows out the back window.  It's really picturesque, with their gorgeous home up on a hill looking down at the pastures.

Steven Joseph was a bit scared of the chickens!  He said next time he'd be brave enough to go and help gather the eggs.

We went to Mass on Saturday evening at their beautiful country church, one of the historical German painted churches.  Then we went out to our favorite Mexican food restaurant which has now come to their town!  I laugh thinking about how our little foursome has multiplied since our double dates during college, now 9 kids between us!  We had to ask for a table for 12 (not counting the baby)!

The girls were thrilled to help gather the eggs the next morning!

So proud!

So happy to have this little visit to the farm, and especially to meet this precious baby!

Congratulations again, and thanks for a wonderful visit, G family!

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Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Such a precious baby and a gorgeous farm. I'd love to spend a few days in a place like that!

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