Saturday, December 03, 2011

Thanksgiving memories

Couldn't believe a Shipley Donuts was open on Thanksgiving morning, here in town, but we were thankful!

Tried a new route out of town and drove by fields and fields of windmills.  It was actually really pretty.

Didn't get any photos of Thanksgiving lunch with Steven's family, but here are cousins eating cookies in the front yard, getting ready to head to the park.

And here at the park, the big flag football game!

Thomas in a swing with the flags around his waist :)

Steven's team vs. Uncle Thomas' Team, the Destroyers vs. the Green Pickles

The coaches with the players.  It was a tie!

Then we were on to my parents' house.  Didn't take many pictures there either.  But I liked this one of the boys in the driveway.

On Saturday I took the girls to see a performance of The Nutcracker to see one of their good friends.  I forgot to get photos of them, but waiting for Daddy to pick us up we snapped this one of the girls with two of their favorite teachers from their old studio who now dance with this other studio.  It was a very nice production.

NeNe playing Christmas songs and Ellie and MC singing.

On Sunday we had a pizza lunch back with all Steven's family at his parents' house.  Fun memories of playing with cousins in the backyard,

And just hanging out.  One big, happy family.

So glad we were able to go back home for the weekend.  It will be hard adding the packing, the 4+ hour drive, and overnights in someone else's home to visit for any holidays.  But it'll be worth it and we'll be back again a couple more times this month!

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Neen said...

We moved to Texas Dec. 6th 2002. We celbrated Thanksgiving with familly from someone elses home after our house was packed. We went back up that December 26th for a late Christmas, a New Years party and then a Wedding Jan 11th. When we finally got back to Texas we knew that the travel would kill us and we had to start considering that Texas was home and that St. Louis was a place to visit. That was the hardest transition but once I made that mental leap everything feel into place. Soon you will call Corpus your home and Houston where you visit. Good luck.

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