Thursday, December 01, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Our life has been flipped upside down a bit the past few weeks!  I'm feeling almost settled in the new house; I still have the front room (piano room with homeschooling and kid books) to finish unpacking and organize, and all our photos and such still need to be hung on the walls.  But we're having great family time.  These photos are from a nearby park.  Today we took a walk around the neighborhood, and the kids are spending lots of time playing in the backyard, climbing trees, riding scooters on the sidewalk, and playing lots of make believe!  The weather has been great for all of that.

--- 2 ---
Mary Clare is adjusting really well, considering she was the one most obstinate about moving.  She still doesn't want to try a new ballet school (and Ellie claims she won't go unless MC does), and is hesitant about meeting new friends.  She mostly wants to be at home, which is pretty much where we've been every day, just spending our days at home together and getting into our new routines.  This weekend we'll decorate for Christmas and hopefully finish more unpacking and organizing.  She is very much looking forward to putting up the Christmas tree!

--- 3 ---
 Tommy is still my "MOMMY" boy, babbling my name all day long.  It's so sweet.  He's cutting his molars and is sleeping horribly, but he's also giving the most adorable kisses and snuggles.  He's climbing on everything and loves to run down the sidewalk.  And he still loves eating paper and crayons, and splashing in the toilet.

--- 4 ---
This big boy is about to turn 4!  I can't believe it.  He's been really attached to Mommy, although today he got into a big make believe story of Survivorman, playing by himself in the backyard.  This photo was from yesterday morning after we went to the nearby Latin Mass at the convent (which didn't go over so well; I'll need a cryroom for daily mass at this point).  He found his apron and was so excited to help me make a puff pancake for breakfast!

--- 5 ---
I was trying to take a nice picture of the kids on the front porch, but it didn't go over so well.  This is our new home, and it's feeling more and more like "ours" every day.  It was a bit hard going back to our old house over Thanksgiving.  I hadn't seen it vacant and it was sad driving through our neighborhood and all the familiar streets.  When we're home in our new house we are comfortable, but I admit that everything around us still feels foreign.  We'll get there.  Our old house will officially list on the MLS tomorrow, so hopefully we find renters very soon!

--- 6 ---
 Ah, brothers.  It's going to be so fun to watch them grow up together!  Soon enough, Thomas will be able to share in all Steven's sports and games.  This photo below was them waking up this morning.  SJ has been insisting on footie cute!  And Thomas got a haircut today.  The bed-head in the back was just too crazy!  But I'm enjoying their longer hair and have somehow kept Daddy from buzzing them for awhile now :-)

--- 7 ---
This is the room I'm trying to finish.  Tonight Thomas was crawling into the bookshelf and throwing all the books around the room.  He was also standing up on the piano bench and laughing away!  Oh, my boys...they keep me on my toes!


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Ann-Marie Ulczynski said...

That is an awesome bookshelf! Congratulations on getting so far with the unpacking.

Conservamom said...
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Conservamom said...

Your family is beautiful,God bless them! It's always tough to unpack let alone with kids. Good luck! You have a great site!
Best wishes,

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