Friday, December 16, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

Our week visiting back "home", iPhone edition
(and I did take my Nikon to the repair shop while there and it looks like it's probably a sad)
--- 1 ---
On Thursday they went back to the old ballet school for class and on Friday they got to attend their girls' club.  They had a fun liturgical tea party celebrating St. Lucy, followed by some English country dancing with the boys' club.  It was great to visit with our friends and feel "home" again.  We'll probably be visiting often for awhile.  I feel kind of half here, half there right now.  But I need to remember that lady from Luby's Cafeteria many years ago who told Steven in her strong accent, "in your life, no half and half," while shaking her finger at him for getting half sweet and half unsweet tea!

--- 2 ---
 Against my better judgment and the advice of all those close to me, I opted to take all 4 children to a concert by myself (with another friend and her 4 kids!).  Audrey Assad was giving a free Christmas concert at a protestant church near our old home.  I just had to go!  It was wonderful; she is an amazing singer and pianist.  I love her music and it's been my background music the past few weeks,  my calming stress relief!  I spent half the time in the lobby and the cryroom, but was still so glad I went!

--- 4 ---
After the concert, we drove by an amazing Christmas light and music and video display near my parents' house.  It's amazing the way they have the lights set to the music of these videos, much of it focused on the real meaning of the season!  A nice way to end our Sunday.

--- 5 ---
It's definitely hard to travel with a toddler!  Both places we stayed had stairways, which he loves.  TV remotes are another fascination.  I'm just glad that the boys sleep well in the car, because I'd just take them on a drive each afternoon and then sit in or near the car on the driveway while they napped...perfect!  Thanks to my parents and the N family for putting us up.

 --- 6 ---
 Friends.  Met up with some of my dearest friends at a Chick-fil-a on Monday afternoon.  So grateful for each of the new and old friends God has placed in my life, especially those who I've known since childhood.  We sat around and talked while the kids took over the playland.  But soon after I had to rush off to head to an appointment, because...

--- 7 ---
The main purpose of our trip back home was for some dental work for the girls.  I am the worst mom for not taking them in the past 2 years, and now they had to deal with a bunch of fillings and even a crown for one of them!  Poor girls!  They did great and came home to NeNe's on Wednesday for some special presents because they were so brave.  Here they are all smiles with their magnet paper doll fashion show!  We'll have to go back in January for the 2nd half of the fillings, and for Steven Joseph's cardiac appointment.

 Yes, I messed up the numbers above, so I don't have a #3...but the significance of three is that it's almost THREE A.M. and I don't know why I'm still awake!
  Off to bed!

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Colleen said...

I'm so sorry your camera died! :( I know how heartbreaking that would be for me!

I'm glad you all are able to come back often to help ease the transition. I love that the girls got to do an English country dance. How fun is that!

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