Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wow! Nearly a week!

Haven't blogged since last Wednesday! It will probably be sporadic over the coming weeks as we're trying to get into our homeschooling routine, our new fall activities, as well as plan for a major surgery and a big move. My body and my brain are utterly exhausted. And I can't seem to get the baby off this schedule where he takes a late 2nd nap and then stays up until after 11pm! I'll do a quick update on the kids, so I can remember this crazy little season of our life!

And now that I tried to start a kid-update and load some pictures, I've realized it's too much to do tonight after a big day. I think I'll need to do an individual kid-update on each child. I've got a bunch of random photos from my regular camera and iPhone, plus some videos too!

Today was our big appointment with the heart surgeon. It went as well as could be expected. We'll hear back in a week or so to find out when they can schedule the surgery. We'll also be visiting our new town soon to do some househunting! Here's to hoping that we have some good results there!

And now...to bed before midnight!

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