Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Astros Game!

In late July, the kids got their prize bags for the summer reading program at the library. We've done it a few other summers, but this was the first time we were motivated to get our free Astros tickets! Since our church is next door to the baseball stadium, and we'll be moving later this fall, we knew we should take advantage of the opportunity!

What a fun afternoon we had! All sorts of yummy, chicken fingers, cotton candy...

and french fries!

It's so weird seeing the baby with shoes on. I figured they might be needed for this adventure! But when we took them off, his poor ankles were purple from the elastic! Mr. Chubs needs some bigger shoes, or at least longer elastic on the shoes he has!

I really have no interest in sports whatsoever. Pretty funny since I'm married to a true sports fan. He loves watching them all, from baseball to golf, to fishing or horse racing or even billiards! I'm thinking I only watched a handful of plays during this whole game. But I love watching my kids' faces and just being together!

Some nice man took our picture :) They gave free t-shirts to the kids at this game...score!

Love seeing daddies wearing baby carriers!

We walked down to the playground. I didn't even know the baseball stadium had a playground! I still have shin splints from walking down those ramps. This outdoor adventure really did me in, but the kids had fun!

Can you see Mary Clare?

They were trying to beat a big wooden mechanical baseball player!

SJ tried about 5 times, but wasn't quite fast enough!

This makes my back hurt just looking at it.
But it also makes my heart swell.

Here Daddy was negotiating with the girls. He and I were ready to leave, but they were crying and insisting on staying until the end!

So, the girls won. We moved to a vacant area that wasn't quite as far a walk for the last couple innings, and extra inning, before we left. I laugh thinking back at these last few minutes. I was *done* and playing around on my iPhone, but Steven was making funny jokes with the kids. He claimed that the Astros always trade players who have beards. Mary Clare would see a new player come up with facial hair and ask why he was still on the team. Daddy said that we only trade guys with full beards to the Giants! I think she still believes him :)

You can tell the eyes are getting tired here...

So we made it back to the car and on the road before the Astros lost! Always easier to be listening to the lose on the radio and not watching it in person :)

We had considered going to a local musical on the same afternoon, just me with the girls. But I'm so glad we had a family day instead. We needed something to keep our minds off of the stress surrounding the next few months.

Now we're moving through our first week of homeschooling. I won't say it's going smoothly, but we're surviving. And I think that's what we're going to be focusing on this fall...surviving one day at a time. Trying to make some fun memories and look forward to the fun things to come!

Go 'Stros!

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