Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Ellie at the park last weekend. (I'm working on using manual settings on the camera!)
Today is her last day to be FIVE!


Mr. Tomtom in his new play location. I think this is brilliant. He can sit unassisted but still falls over sometimes and also loses his toys. The basket gives him support, keeps his toys contained, and keeps him off a dirty floor. I think I'm going to start bringing a laundry basket to places like the park and the ballet school!


Mary Clare trying to get coins out of the "wishing well" at a restaurant last weekend.


Steven Joseph fell asleep sitting in this chair (after I'd tried to lie down with him in the bed for over an hour!) and then moved over to this position for awhile before finally dropping to the floor! Gotta love the boots and shorts combo!

I have lots of photos, lots to say, but lots of kids and things that need my attention this week.

Quote of the week by my father-in-law after I told him that I couldn't seem to find the lamp that is supposed to go in the boys' room where he's staying...BopBop (a father of 7 mind-you) responds, "You have so many kids running around here, you're lucky you remember your name!"

Have a blessed Triduum to you all!

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1 comment:

Lacey said...

I am so stealing your laundry basket idea! Genius! Your kiddos are darling.

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