Monday, April 04, 2011

Little Flowers--Industry

On Friday, our princesses had Little Flowers class.

I searched high and low, going to about 5 different dollar stores, to find a bunch of cleaning supplies to make them each a cleaning kit for the virtue of Industry! I bought buckets, dust pans, spray bottles, duster brushes, microfiber rags, sponges, and swiffers cut down to their size. Another mom brought aprons and helped them decorate with ribbon and silk flowers. They turned out so cute!

Here are all the girls with their cleaning kits and aprons (minus 4 who were absent). They were SO excited about these kits, and I've heard that many of them are working hard to help their parents at home!

It's such a sweet group of girls, and we've only got one class left! I'm going to miss them next year when we split into smaller home-based groups. I'm planning to work with the preschoolers again. Steven Joseph is very attention-hungry, especially during the time I'm trying to teach the Little Flower lesson, he's always yelling and making quite a ruckus! And then of course Thomas always needs to nurse at some inopportune time. Hopefully next year things will be a little more laid-back, and I'll enjoy some special time with my boys!

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