Monday, May 24, 2010

Swim Meet #2, Sharks vs. Sharks!

Swim Meet #2 was another fun day! This time we had sunshine and heat to wear us out a little more! But we also had NeNe and PaPa there to cheer on the girls, and Daddy didn't have to be a timer, so I had his help with Steven Joseph. Nice!

Daddy and PaPa hanging out under the tent

SJ the biggest fan of "my girls"

Ellie getting ready for her first event, freestyle! She's all smiles!

Here she is leading the pack! She made it all the way across without touching the ropes, for the very first time! She also swam backstroke for the first time. Yea Ellie!

SJ in the stands

Mary Clare getting ready to swim her 2nd event, backstroke. She took off 3-4 seconds on both of her events. Go Mary Clare!

Here she is smiling while she's stroking! She said she wanted to giggle while she was swimming freestyle. She was having so much fun!

The girls are really starting to figure out the strokes and we're so proud of them for trying new things and working so hard at practice every day! Go Sharks!

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